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12” Vinyl LP On Limited Edition White Vinyl
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New Video! Peep it.

Cerebral ballzy at jackalope.  (Taken with instagram)

Cerebral ballzy at jackalope. (Taken with instagram)


Hate on, bitches!!!


Hate on, bitches!!!

Seriously - Where is that ghost? TIIIIIGHT tunes. Im a sucker for synth pop. Poor Spirits are really new but i feel are going to blow up.

Ok mind officially blown by this video. the track is pretty tight as well


Stateless - “Ariel”

Self-described as “a digital dance performance exploring the eternal struggle between good and evil”. Watching this I almost completely zoned out the song the video is so amazing. Enjoy!

New video for Drop The Lime's single “Hot As Hell” out 1/30 on Ministry of Sound.  Drop The Lime is a NYC DJ and producer that runs the rad label Trouble and Bass. This video is fucking hot but dude you look like the guy from Die Antwoord crossed with Erik from True Blood. Actually now that I say that out loud I’m realizing it’s kinda hot. Forget what i just said.

this track is FUCKIN HOT.

Secret kitty. just watch

Ima gunna take youz to da mooooovie

Readin Rainbow - Wasting Time
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Reading Rainbow - almost as cool as Levar Burton. Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge was a TOTAL FUCKING BAD ASS.

If Levar Burton had a band they would probably play dark synth pop and electro and where borg costumes on stage. Not really fun 90s leaning indie rock.

Reading Rainbow are a husband and wife duo from phili. I really like their tunes - even though they have to compete with this dude for my affection.

mp3: reading rainbow - wasting time

Reading Rainbow on Hypem.

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WOOOOOOOM. Hometown cred. Free remix album


Woom - Judith (Lucky Dragons Remix)

These Angelinos just released a free remix album of tracks from their excellent Muu’s Way record. How excited am I to hear this sexy Lucky Dragons redux! This a slow grower, but let it grow.  It builds like an ice cream sundae - tasty goodies just keep piling on the chocolate goo and whipped cream layers and yes, a cherry. Pick up the rest of the tracks - including work by Japanther, Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu - on Soundcloud.

(via Rose Quartz)

Williamsburg/Greenpoint:  its up to you to bring this look back. Start a store front off bedford, have socially relevant celebrities been seen at all the hot parties with these on.


New Twin Sister video directed by Mike Luciano. Trippy shit

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Growing up near the beach is so hard. there is never anything fun to do and you constantly have sand in your pull ups. have you ever tried to look cool with a constant sunburn? You can’t. you just turn into a pink freckly demon child. Gee thanks hippie parents who make pottery for a living.


Jeans Wilder are pretty good.

Best Vampire kill scene in a movie ever